Your Time Is Precious!

In 2014, it took agents an average of 40 hours of active work to get a buyer from initial interest to open escrow. Matchpoint Funding believes that’s way too long. We are committed to the concept that buyers should only have to write one offer to get their dream home and Realtors shouldn’t have to go through the process of finding a buyer the “perfect” home more than just one time!

That’s why Matchpoint Funding offers a fully underwritten TBD approval that allows you to present a financed offer that is every bit as strong as a cash offer!

Here’s how it works:

  • Your buyer submits a loan application to Matchpoint Funding.
  • We collect all the buyer qualification documents (Tax returns, W-2, Pay Stubs, Bank Statements etc.)
  • Rather than issuing a pre-approval letter, we submit the file directly for underwriting.
  • The underwriter reviews the file and issues an approval subject to collateral.

At this point, you are now representing a buyer capable of submitting an offer whose only loan contingencies are that the seller is able to convey clear title and that the property appraise at purchase price. This give you the flexibility of presenting an offer that can close as fast, or nearly as fast as a cash purchase. It’s that simple. Anyone can talk about how strong their buyers are, but no puny prequal is going to stand up against a fully underwritten approval!