Meet Alexander Sidelnik of Matchpoint Funding in Downtown LA

Today we’d like to introduce you to Alexander Sidelnik.

Alexander (Sasha) is a motivated, personable business professional with extensive experience in banking, real estate, mortgage loan underwriting, and transaction coordination. He has a talent for quickly mastering new technology and concepts in a stressful working environment. Diplomatic and tactful with professionals and non-professionals at all levels, Sasha has no issues finding a common language with all types. With experience and a history of producing accurate timely reports, meeting stringent deadlines and understanding guidelines are second nature. Flexible and versatile; poised and competent, Sasha demonstrates the ability to easily transcend cultural differences. With his experience, Sasha thrives in deadline-driven environments and works hard to ensure the satisfaction of his clients and employees alike. As the son of a mortgage broker and a developer, Sasha’s experience in mortgage lending began at an early age. Despite having a pedigree in the industry, he worked his way up from the bottom by beginning his career at fifteen years old as a telemarketer for Capital Line Lending. By the age of seventeen, Sasha was working in the loan department at Washington Mutual. After three years at Wamu, the company was purchased by Chase. Following a seminar in which Jamie Dimon declared that his mission was to save the company at the expense of its employees, Sasha decided to branch out on his own and formed My Loan Underwriters and Umbrella Real Estate Group, Inc., specializing in foreclosure relief. In 2013, Sasha partnered up with a longtime friend to start National One Financial. While, initially, the partnership proved to be a good one, it ultimately became clear that the relationship was not a good fit. Sasha’s mastery of structured systems and complex organization has been prominently featured throughout his career. While operating National One Financial, he directly oversaw a network of account executives, processors, short sale negotiators and loan officers. In fact, during his tenure, the firm completed over 1,500 loan modifications and negotiated more than 750 short sales. His experiences give him a breadth of knowledge that extends beyond mortgage loan originations and into real estate, banking, management and marketing. In founding Matchpoint Funding, Inc., Sasha envisioned creating an environment where lenders are no longer viewed as obstacles in the pursuit of a paycheck. Rather, they are looked at as partners in the real estate purchase transaction working toward a common goal. Understanding that real estate agents are the conduit for business generation, Sasha is committed to improving the agent/lender dynamic by utilizing structured systems to achieve greater efficiency. His vision for Matchpoint is to establish the brand as an indispensable resource for agents throughout the industry creating a business resistant to market fluctuations. A team player, Sasha’s singular pursuit is building agent relationships through earned trust and consistent, timely performance.

Great, so let’s dig a little deeper into the story – has it been an easy path overall and if not, what were the challenges you’ve had to overcome?
There’s no such thing as a smooth road. The marketplace has had its ups and down. 2008 alone was an adventure. Sasha had to maneuver to adjust. However, he was able to turn it around, thrive in a dry industry and experience exponential growth.

Alright – so let’s talk business. Tell us about Matchpoint Funding – what should we know?
Matchpoint Funding is a California licensed mortgage brokerage located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. With access to the best mortgage loan products in the industry, our loans are underwritten with state-of-the-art mortgage technology. Streamlining the loan application process and providing faster approvals with fewer issues or unnecessary delays is our number one priority. Additionally, our in-house underwriters strive to provide only the highest quality in processing, underwriting and funding support making our clients’ transaction as seamless as possible.

Our licensed mortgage experts, along with our partners and support staff, have carved a unique niche in the mortgage industry by tackling and successfully closing loan transactions of all sizes and levels of complexity. From the simplest “owner occupied” purchases to the most complex and multi-layered refinance scenarios, we utilize up to the minute industry knowledge, highly creative, dynamic structuring, vigorously finessed transactional tracking and diligent follow-up to assure the most seamless loan process possible. By submitting a single application, our borrowers have immediate access to numerous competing lenders for the mortgage vehicle desired and can be confident that we will explore multiple and all avenues in order to secure the most aggressive rate and terms available.

Even when a transaction has moved “downstream,” we have the latitude to change courses by switching to an alternate source, if warranted. Moreover, in the case of an “unorthodox” transaction that does not readily fit within conventional guidelines, Matchpoint Funding will conduct a meticulous internal review of the file, and then zero in on wholesale lenders whose guidelines and parameters look to be the most conducive to a successful close. This anticipatory posture eliminates the risks of costly, stressful approval delays, or 11th hour denials- unfortunate but all too common occurrences in today’s unforgiving market.

Finally, Matchpoint Funding has always approached borrowers (and their transactions) from a holistic, strategic orientation. In today’s ever-evolving market, closing a home loan can quickly become a daunting, multifaceted challenge with many moving parts. Our longevity here in the Los Angeles real estate finance circuit has enabled us to foster strong relationships with countless real estate and financial professionals, and with experts working in vital tangential industries. Whether you need to pump up your credit score, navigate through a complex title vesting issue, or simply connect with an outstanding real estate agent specializing in a particular sub-market or geographic area, our “rolodex” is fully at your disposal. If desired, we’re more than happy to coordinate with any and all 3rd parties to expedite your transaction, and work as hard as possible in pursuit of our mantra.

Is there a characteristic or quality that you feel is essential to success?
I have a very clear vision and plan of where I would like to be. It gives me motivation and that extra push to strive on a daily basis. My vision for future of my company are quite vast. I project this vision in two ways, short term and long-term growth.

– 1 to 2 Year Plan – My short-term plan is to expand as far as I can into the California market place. We accomplish this by differentiating ourselves by means of service, technology and product spread from others in our industry. With emphasis on technology, we are constantly looking to make our process more efficient and simple for partners and clients alike. We are also planning to launch an accredited licensing program to educate and help evolve new professional talent in the immediate future.

– 5 Year Plan – My long-term plan is to expand into neighboring states, eventually reaching both referral partners and consumer audiences nationwide.

In foresight, all my plans could yield substantial changes. My company is constantly evolving and I am dedicated to maintaining flexibility for as long as I can in-order to perpetuate progression. One thing I refuse to deviate from is our culture of excellence as growth tends to dilute quality.

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Meet Alexander Sidelnik of Matchpoint Funding in Downtown LA


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