FACT: Matchpoint Funding Will Still Close Your Escrow In 30 Days!

TRID is the talk of the town. Every Realtor has been to the boring seminars, office meetings and webinars detailing the new federal guidelines and what the impact is going to be on real estate transactions. Industry consensus is that it is going to extend the process by a week or more from signed contract to escrow closing. End result…your lender is telling you that you’re going to need to write 45 day contracts and wait even longer to get paid!

Not when your buyer is working with Matchpoint Funding!

At Matchpoint Funding, we give you the option of initiating a TBD approval with virtually any buyer. What that means is that we work with your buyer to submit a complete package to one of our lenders without having a property under contract yet. Their file is underwritten just like a standard loan file and a conditional approval is issued. This allows your buyer to have a full written lender approval subject only to appraisal and title. That means that  your buyer is already completely approved. That’s right. Instead of sending over some flimsy pre-qualification letter or DU and requesting a 45 day escrow period, you can send over an ACTUAL UNDERWRITTEN APPROVAL with an escrow period of less than 30 days!

How powerful is that?!

It’s not just about getting paid more quickly, or even getting your offers accepted. It’s about your time! With a buyer that has a fully underwritten loan, you don’t have to chase them down for paperwork or keep asking for updates on the loan. That means that you can get back to doing what you do best, interacting with new buyers and sellers to prospect for new business.

Don’t let federal regulations limit your commission volume!

Use the situation to your advantage. How much more money can you make if you’re the only agent in your area closing buyer’s escrows in less than 30 days? Give us a call today at 323.372.1248 to find out how working with Matchpoint Funding can give you the edge in the competitive Southern California market!