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Residential & Commercial Financing Specialists
Matchpoint Funding is a California licensed mortgage brokerage located in beautiful Los Angeles, California. With access to the best mortgage loan products in the industry, our loans are underwritten with state-of-the-art mortgage technology. Streamlining the loan application process and providing faster approvals with fewer issues or unnecessary delays is our number one priority. Additionally, our in-house underwriters strive to provide only the highest quality in processing, underwriting and funding support making our clients’ transaction as seamless as possible.

Our licensed mortgage experts, along with our partners and support staff, have carved a unique niche in the mortgage industry by tackling and successfully closing loan transactions of all sizes and levels of complexity. From the simplest “owner occupied” purchases to the most complex and multi-layered refinance scenarios, we utilize up to the minute industry knowledge, highly creative, dynamic structuring, vigorously finessed transactional tracking and diligent follow-up to assure the most seamless loan process possible. By submitting a single application, our borrowers have immediate access to numerous competing lenders for the mortgage vehicle desired and can be confident that we will explore multiple and all avenues in order to secure the most aggressive rate and terms available.

Even when a transaction has moved “downstream,” we have the latitude to change courses by switching to an alternate source, if warranted. Moreover, in the case of an “unorthodox” transaction that does not readily fit within conventional guidelines, Matchpoint Funding will conduct a meticulous internal review of the file, and then zero in on wholesale lenders whose guidelines and parameters look to be the most conducive to a successful close. This anticipatory posture eliminates the risks of costly, stressful approval delays, or 11th hour denials- unfortunate but all too common occurrences in today’s unforgiving market.

Finally, Matchpoint Funding has always approached borrowers (and their transactions) from a holistic, strategic orientation. In today’s ever-evolving market, closing a home loan can quickly become a daunting, multi-faceted challenge with many moving parts. Our longevity here in the Los Angeles real estate finance circuit has enabled us to foster strong relationships with countless real estate and financial professionals, and with experts working in vital tangential industries. Whether you need to pump up your credit score, navigate through a complex title vesting issue, or simply connect with an outstanding real estate agent specializing in a particular sub-market or geographic area, our “rolodex” is fully at your disposal. If desired, we’re more than happy to coordinate with any and all 3rd parties to expedite your transaction, and work as hard as possible in pursuit of our mantra.


The mission of Matchpoint Funding is an all encompassing definition of who we want to be internally and externally. We want to be a company internally that believes in an “old school” approach to business with new age forward thinking in technological areas. We want to establish a strong work ethic and form leaders who want to serve and develop their constituents by equipping them with all the tools necessary to compete and achieve the highest level possible. We have a strong commitment to professionalism in how we represent our company and our clients. Professional appearance, timeliness, self-discipline and commitment to daily improvement professionally, personally and spiritually are all vital to our success. Externally, we want to offer a broad range of conservative products with consistently competitive prices and support this initiative with unparalleled service. We must also be committed to supporting the character and integrity of the mortgage banking industry that is the foundation for which we work and provide for our families. Our Management has years of experience in the industry, and a track record that is second to none. The dedication and passion of our management shows in our company, in our service, and in our testimonials. We strive for perfection every step of the way. Customers come first in our company. If your not happy, we strive to change that. We work with you, and help you along the way. After all, it’s your home we are helping you find. You must absolutely love it, or we have not done our jobs. We are always happy to help you.